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For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. — Benjamin Franklin


What does disorganization cost you — in time, in money, in stress? Imagine spending less time searching for things (and less money on replacements). Picture easier decision making by having only your favorite things — instead of everything. Envision what your house would look like without cluttered surfaces. All of this is possible. Working with An Organized Start is an investment in your home, making it functional, beautiful, and maintainable. 

hands-on, all-inclusive organizing

Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to see how An Organized Start can make your life easier. Working with us is an investment in your home and your quality of life. In-home organizing can be sensitive in nature and requires trust — for that reason you are always assured of complete confidentiality.

Hands-On, All-Inclusive Packages

  4 sessions  (12 in-home hours) — $  756(10% discount saves $84)

  8 sessions  (24 in-home hours) — $1428 — (15% discount saves $252)

12 sessions  (36 in-home hours) — $2016 — (20% discount saves $504)

16 sessions  (48 in-home hours) — $2520 — (25% discount saves $840)

Looking for a single session?

1 session (3 hours) — $210 

Packages include hours spent in your home and

  • Additional time designing layouts and solutions for your space

  • Creation and/or printing of labels

  • Additional time spent sourcing supplies such as bins, containers, etc. 

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers (if needed)

  • Removal of trash and donation items after your session (limited to one car load per session), or scheduling an appropriate charitable provider for pick-up

  • Phone and email support between sessions and up to three weeks after the final session

The cost of supplies purchased specifically for your project are not included. Items will be within your budget and are subject to your approval before purchase. There is no mark-up on products I purchase on your behalf. Rates do not include charges for commercial junk/trash removal services.

new home services

Moving? Don't just unpack — get off to an organized start in your new home. Your kitchen, closets, and more can be set up with maximum efficiency — from the start! 

half day (3 hours) — $195   |   full day (6 hours) — $385