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5 Things to Donate (or Get Rid of) Right Now

Lots of people have the urge to declutter their home after the holidays. But before tackling a closet, playroom, or kitchen, start with these mini projects. They'll make an immediate difference without a huge time investment.

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By now, you probably have a pretty good idea of which winter coats, boots, and winter gear you're likely to wear this season—or in the case of kids, which ones will fit. But there's a lot of winter left, and plenty of people who need help staying warm. This is the perfect time to donate unused winter gear because there are people who need it right now. You'll free up closet space and help other people stay warm. Many places have winter coat drives, and Goodwill is always a safe bet. If you're local to the Greater Boston area, this article on BostonMamas.com has a great list of local charities looking for winter gear.

Another thing to take stock of—blankets. If you have more blankets and throws than you can possibly use, they're a great thing to declutter. And again, you'll help someone else stay warm this winter.


Do you have a pile of boxes leftover from holiday shipments...maybe piled in your guest room or garage? It's time to recycle them! How about boxes from presents? Chances are, you don't need the empty box from the new blender or video game system. Pull out an important papers, cut the serial number off the outside (for electronics), and recycle the rest. If you reuse shirt boxes for gift wrapping, break them down so they're flat, and store them in a plastic bin or shopping bag so they take up as little space as possible.


This is the perfect time to give your fridge and pantry a good clean-out. Virtually everyone buys things during the holidays they don't use the rest of the year...so that half full container of heavy cream from Thanksgiving that hasn't been touched since? You know what to do! Those leftovers are only good for so long. If the remains of Christmas dinner are in your fridge, it's time to say goodbye. And last but not least—if you have unopened, unexpired food from the holidays, donate it to the food pantry. Your third tin of caramel popcorn might make someone else's day!


In November and December, most people get a catalog from every store or website they've ever shopped at (even that one time 6 years ago for a shower gift...). It's January. The holidays are over. Your gifts are already purchased. You can find all that information online. Recycle them all! Do you have magazines lying around? If you didn't find the time to read about homemade gifts and this year's best cookies before the holidays, you won't read them now either. Recycle them, or potentially donate to a school for craft projects.

donating unused christmas decorations


If you didn't use it this year, will you use it in the future? Don't store things all year long only to leave them in storage during the one and only time they could possibly be used. Donate it. It might be perfect for someone else!

So there you have it: a couple quick, easy things to declutter. If you have big projects that you're not sure how to tackle, send me a message—I can help!

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