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The No-Clutter Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is fast approaching, so if you have someone to celebrate and thank—moms, stepmoms, honorary moms, second moms, grandmas, dads who played both roles—and need some ideas, this post is for you. And because the last thing I want to do is add clutter to anybody's house, these ideas focus on things that are experiences, or consumable, or even organize things mom already has. And yes, there are a few things thrown in the mix, because sometimes tangible gifts are the perfect gifts!

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Flowers—but with a twist!

One bouquet that lasts for a week if you're lucky? Or...week after week of flowers? Look for a flower CSA and give a whole summer of blooms. Every farm will have its own details, but my local farm's option includes 12 weeks of pick-your-own flowers.

No flower CSA nearby? Or maybe mom isn't the pick-your-own type. Another option is an everlasting bouquet of handmade felt flowers. From single stems to full-on bouquets, there are tons to choose from. Add them to a rustic metal pitcher, a tall pottery vase, a short textured ceramic vase, or a galvanized steel vase to complete the arrangement.

Something indulgent

What does your mom love to do—but rarely get for herself? Facials, massages, mani/pedis? Spa gift certificates are a great luxury gift and maybe something to do together.

Or maybe she wants to relax more often and at home. Add a little luxe to her bath or shower with bath bombs or shower steamers.

And if spa treatments aren't mom's idea of indulgence? What does she love? Coffee? Craft beer? Cookies? Locals vendors and small businesses making giving things like coffee and cookies a gift and not just something you'd pick up at the grocery store. This works especially well if there's a hyper-local food Mom loves that just isn't readily available. (Speaking from experience here—one of my favorite-ever gifts was a case of my beloved Tom Sturgis cheese pretzels, which you can only get by mail order or in a very specific part of Pennsylvania. I savored it for months.) Or look for a subscription box—there's one out there for pretty much everything you can think of.

The gift of not doing something

What does mom not want to do that you can take off her plate? Detail her own car? Organize her own house? Plant her own spring flowers? Cook dinner? A gift certificate for a service is like giving a double gift: a project, done, and more free time.

Learning something new

Is your mom the type who's always trying something new? Give her a subscription to Masterclass and let her dive into whatever she's interested in, from cooking to writing to music to flower arranging. So many options...

Something sentimental

Commemorate a vacation, give her new pictures of the grandkids, or brighten up her desk with a rotating display of photos. Options for photo gifts are endless, and go way beyond mouse pads and coffee mugs. Try Artifact Uprising, Minted, or glass prints from Fracture for a little something different.

An event or experience

The most memorable gifts often aren't things, but experiences. So send Mom to a show, get movie passes, buy her a museum membership. Maybe she's always wanted to try paddle boarding or learn to knit—give her that experience! For an easy experience gift, Uncommon Goods has kits that pair supplies and an online class on topics from food and cocktails to arts and crafts to tarot and astrology.

Add on a little organization

This is a gift guide on an organizing blog, after all, so you know I have to throw in a few organizing ideas for those gifts. Think of it as a really useful wrapping paper/presentation method...

Are you getting Mom her favorite snacks? Unbox them and use a divided turntable to create a mini snack station she can refill. Maybe you found the perfect cake decorating class and want to package supplies to go with it? Fill a lidded turntable with fun supplies (these also work well for craft supplies.) Decide to add to mom's nail polish collection? Give her a way to contain her collection. Giving mom movie theater gift cards (or Netflix or other streaming services)? Add them—along with her favorite candy and popcorn—to a popcorn bucket for a more fun presentation. Giving jewelry? Wrap it in a tray-style jewelry box (these come in tons of different variations and sizes). Does Mom love the beach? Fill a great beach bag with a plush new towel and a book or magazine she'd like. So many options, from mesh to neoprene to waterproof fabric and even EVA (I have a client who raves about this one).

And there you have it—a handful of ideas for mom that won't become clutter stuffed in a closet. I'd love to hear your ideas and resources, so leave a comment! Happy Mother's Day!

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