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Organizer-approved, clutter-free Mother’s Day gift guide

Time to show Mom a whole lot of appreciation and love! But not with things that add random stuff to her house… There are plenty of gift guides out there focused on objects to buy—but because (I think!) experiences make the best gifts, that's what you'll find here. Things to make a memory, or preserve a memory. And a few fun but useful things, too, because sometimes you need something to wrap!

The mom who’s always learning or doing

Give the gift of knowledge or a new skill—has she always wanted to learn to knit? Or surf? Maybe mix fancy cocktails? If you’re not sure what she wants to learn, or she wants to learn so many different things, how about a Masterclass subscription?

If you want to give a mini lesson and a physical object to unwrap, Uncommon Goods has experience gifts that combine a short online lesson with a needed accessory—everything from tarot reading to summer cocktails to managing time.

The mom who loves to travel (even if it’s still in the plans and dreams stage)

Whether it’s nostalgia for a place previously visited or a little armchair traveling, travel poster puzzles are both activity and art (you can frame them after!). Several options, including Costa Rica, Africa, and Santorini.

You always need an extra (compact, foldable) bag when traveling—but not just any foldable bag. This one has straps that allow it to also be worn as a backpack to keep her hands free. This would also be great at a farmer’s market, or any unexpected shopping trip when you’re doing a lot of walking.

The mom who has everything except time

Is mom short on time? Take something off her plate! Get her an Instacart membership so she can skip grocery store runs. Or a gift certificate for mobile car detailing, so she doesn’t have to clean it herself or even drop it off. Think about what your mom doesn’t want to do, and see if there’s a way to do it for her (or pay to have it done for her).

The mom who is also a grandma (or just can’t get enough of you!)

Give a gallery wall—and fill the frames with photos she’ll love.

Or if a gallery wall is too big, how about one frame with a photo collage?

Want to easily and frequently update photos? A digital photo frame lets you add photos anytime, from anywhere.

The mom who loves flowers—on repeat

Flowers are classic for a reason—but why not try something different with a flower-picking experience or a flower CSA? She’ll remember the experience long after the flowers fade, and a CSA can be enjoyed for weeks (or all season) instead of just a few days. And a bonus? You’ll most likely be supporting a local small business. Langwater Farm has a great one, but if you’re not in southeastern MA, just Google “flower CSA near me” and you’re bound to get several options.

The mom with a quirky sense of humor

These formal sticky notes are funny and useful.

Notepads—to get organized, add a little kindness to the day, or just vent. Shit together / Kindess / Paper tantrum

Let’s be real—Mother’s Day isn’t the same for everyone.

Fortunately, there are cards for all scenarios, whether you want to support a friend or thank someone who may not technically be a mom, but sure fits the role. You can find a great selection of non-traditional mother’s day cards here (and traditional cards too!).

And last but not least, gifts from the kids!

If you need a thoughtful, heartwarming, potentially funny (sometimes kids say the most random things!) that doesn’t involve crafting, these premade books (in both mom and grandma versions, and a use-for-anyone blank version) make it easy to share all the things you love about mom! mom / grandma / anyone

Happy Mother's Day!

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