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Why you shouldn't buy Mom things for Mother's Day...

You bought her jewelry last year. She does not need another picture frame. She already has 6 tubes of fancy hand cream. Come on, this is your Mom we're talking about! You know her—what she likes, how she spends her time, what she's always wanted to do... Put down the scented candle and get something she actually wants. Here's how to figure out what that is.

Stop thinking about THINGS.

Experiences make great gifts—they're memorable and maybe you can do it together. Think about her interests—does she love the ballet, or have a favorite band, or enjoy creating things? Could you take her to lunch and then the art museum? Or out for fancy cocktails and dancing? Pedicures, or a day at the spa? Or maybe there's something she's always wanted to learn—sign her up for a cooking class, or scuba diving lessons, or whatever she's curious about.

Here's another thought—what doesn't your mom like to do? Sometimes the best gift is not having to do a dreaded chore. So get her car detailed, buy a session with a housecleaner, hire an organizer to make her closet fancy (hint, hint), sign her up for a couple months of meal delivery. Take a chore off her plate so she can spend that time doing something FUN.

Flowers are the classic Mother's Day gift. Shake it up a little and give her flowers for months. There's a fantastic farm in my town that has a flower CSA. Every week from July through September, you take the mason jar and fill it will flowers you choose and cut yourself. It's not that much more expensive than a fancy bouquet, and it's flowers all summer long!

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Does your Mom have a lot of jewelry or makeup? Organize it for her! (Not fun enough? Pick out a new nail polish or pair of earrings to put in the organizer.) The real gift? Not having to untangle her necklaces when getting dressed.

Does Mom love the movies? Get her a ticket package! Maybe audio books add interest to her day. Buy her an Audible subscription. Her genuine interest = the best gift. (Aside from spending time with you, of course!)

Last but not least—subscription boxes. Mail that's fun! And not a bill! What's better than going to the mailbox and finding a present? Name an interest, and there's a box for it—knitting, candy, socks, cheese...

And that's why you shouldn't buy her things—because you are more creative than that.

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